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Nutrition Coaching

Meal plans, nutrition ideas, and regular food logs are some of the specifics of this Nutrition Coaching program. It includes an initial consultation and assessment. After setting-up goals, the individual plans will guide the client using food strategies to tackle mental roadblocks and weight loss. Regular weigh-ins and monthly body fat measurements are included.

Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching This lifestyle coaching program will help you regenerate! Initial consultation and assessment will review sleep, recovery, and regeneration goals concerning fitness and performance objectives. More specifically, this program will provide you with the necessary strategies to develop better sleep and recovery habits. It includes sleep logs, sleep environment ideas, and regular check-ins with our Coach.
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What you get

Initial phone consultation to review your body composition and nutrition goals.

Regular food & sleep log reviews and guidance by coach (via in-person, zoom, email or phone)

Strategies to develop improved sleep and recovery habits.

Strategies to tackle mental road blocks and weight loss plateaus

Grocery list ideas and specific plans for pre, during and post-workout

Weekly to monthly check-ins with your coach

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