FPS Golf performance program

It’s golf fitness at its best! It is a program that uses signature software from the Titleist Performance Institute. (To learn more about the Institute, click here). This training plan prescribes exercises that address strength, speed, power, perception of depth, and the player’s visualization skillset. Some clients face limitations with mobility, strength deficits, lack of energy, lack of speed, chronic pain, and the inability to connect golf swing due to physical limitations. If needed, the plan will focus on movement dysfunctions or deficits and their respective corrective exercise strategy of recovery, appropriate nutrition plan, and endurance work. Regular reassessments on these focal areas will help identify the direction of each individualized plan. 
The Titleist Performance Institute is a big inspiration for Paul Gozbekian and other great fitness instructors in the industry. Their approach resembles Coach Gozbekian’s vision; he is also committed to using “a holistic approach and innovative technologies to help golfers [and athletes in general] to improve their performance” (To learn more about their vision, click on Titleist Performance Institute.) On the other hand, it is Titleist Performance Institute’s mission to be “the world’s premier player development center,” In the same direction, Coach Gozbekian’s mission is to be a world’s premier fitness developer. In this sense, Paul Gozbekian is among the USA’s top fitness instructors. Click here to learn more.
"Cutting edge training hardware and software to help ensure client results!"
Paul Gozbekian
Coach and Owner, Fitness Performance Systems

What you get

Titleist Performance Institute golf movement screen

Customized programming to help address movement dysfunction and deficits, strength, speed and power

Training programs that include 1-on-1 training

Golf performance assessment including strength, speed and power assessments

Golf swing video analysis

corrective exercise strategy, recovery, nutrition, strength and endurance work.

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