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At FPS, Coach Paul Gozbekian uses state-of-the-art technology to assess individual physical performance, including but not limited to software and video analysis of the athlete.

About Fitness Performance systems

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Coach Gozbekian provides comprehensive training with more than 20 years of certified coaching experience that will defy your idea of a workout. His knowledge of corrective exercises, endurance work, nutrition, and multiple training techniques like Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and proven methods like Neurokinetic Therapy will take you to the next level. Want to learn more? Click here


All individuals committed to their health and wellness that want a definite change in their fitness condition do not hesitate to contact Paul Gozbekian through Fitness Performance Systems. These training systems are the perfect solution every body is looking for. No need to wait! Start now with an initial consultation by clicking the button below.

Our Programs

Fitness Performance Systems provides an excellent personal experience with various customized plans. These are plans no other personal trainer servicer will give to you. 

FPS focuses on your specific needs and not everybody else’s needs. Everything is designed having you in mind and no one else. You don’t fit in the program; the program fits you! FPS is certified professionalism that exceeds your expectations.
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nutrition & sleep coaching


"The harder you work, the luckier you get."
Gary Player
Professional Golfer & Champion

The Fitness Performance Systems Approach

Gozbekian’s Fitness Performance Systems is coaching that considers all details for training: from nutrition assessments, performance-based training assessments, comprehensive reassessment of training development, psychological and social components of fitness, pre and post-workout individual needs, personal objectives, and more are some of the features of FPS training plans.

Assessment is the most critical portion of his training, and you will see them every time everywhere in FPS. Coach Gozbekian assesses all his plans and individual progress to better help clients. He is confident that this fuels his workout sessions with purpose and intent, a critical goal as a trainer.
Additionally, Coach uses the helping hand of other health and wellness professionals to provide a complete guide to lifestyle changes for the best results. He collaborates with experts like physical therapists, chiropractors, golf pros, sports psychologists, and many more. 

"Using cutting edge technology to assess clients and provide customized and accurate training programs. Each training session is measured and used to guide future training:  This is a training program!"
Paul Gozbekian
Coach and Owner, Fitness Performance Systems

the scope of our services

Fitness Performance Systems serves Massachusetts’ Newton, Brookline, Needham, and Wellesley areas. These City of Boston neighbors are particularly interested in fitness and a lavish lifestyle in general. Luckily, Bostonian surrounding and suburbs have a fantastic opportunity with one of the best trainers in this location, Coach Gozbekian.  If you live far from Boston, Massachusetts, do not worry; FPS recently adjusted and expanded its services to a virtual setting due to the fast-growing national online fitness community demands. Coach Gozbekian will now serve you wherever you are!

All Golfers, Junior Golfers, experienced athletes, people who want to lose weight, or simply people on the lookout for a healthy lifestyle click on the link below to book your consultation.


How we do it

Fitness Performance Systems also has multiple training modalities. You can train according to your preference, need, or schedule, be it virtual or in-person: solo (for clients to do workouts independently with weekly or monthly coaching check-ins), 1-on-1 private, small group, indoors studio sessions, in-home and outdoors sessions, virtually anywhere. Click below to schedule your first personal training session with Coach Gozbekian. You will love it!

“We meet a client where they are at and implement a program for exercise, nutrition, and recovery. Most of the competition is only focused on one area, at best.”
Paul Gozbekian
Coach and Owner, Fitness Performance Systems

Why Fitness Performance Systems

Big-box fitness industries, dungeon gyms, and trendy fitness classes lacking proper exercise execution and fundamental training knowledge could be why you haven’t reached your fitness goals yet. These, mentioned before, give no individual treatment and no appropriate professional help. Instead of improving your physical condition, they could be your most significant obstacle. Even worse, sometimes you could feel that there’s no help available to you. 

IN FPS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is an excellent chance to start your new fitness journey! 



Don’t take our word. See what’s our clients said.

I have enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my past year's training and fitness work with Paul Gozbekian. Paul is highly skilled, experienced, and personable. I recommend him! He has been flexible and highly effective in teaching, encouraging, and coaching me to ever-better fitness. 

Michael M, MD, Professor of Orthopedic
Surgery, Harvard Medical School
I have worked with Paul for three years now, one year in person and two years via Zoom. The remote sessions have also worked quite well and fit my schedule with Work from Home. Paul is the best trainer I have had, and I have had many! He is very thorough, tailoring my workout to my goals - prep for skiing in the winter and golf in the summer. He approaches the relationship holistically- considering sleep, diet, goals, and motivation. I would highly recommend him!

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